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The Buzz about Blogging

If you want to create buzz about your organization and what it offers, consider establishing a blog.

With a blog, you can:

  • demonstrate and share your expertise with customers and clients;
  • quickly publish information about special promotions and sales; and
  • create good customer relations.

In addition, perhaps you didn’t know this, but search engines love blogs. What does that mean? It means that Google, Yahoo and other major search engines will be more likely to locate and list your blog than an equivalent website. You can also create links to-and-from your blog and website, further improving your chances for a better spot in the search engine indexes.

The downside to having a blog is that it takes time to build and maintain one, and it requires writing and editing. Maybe you would rather spend your time running your business. And perhaps your forte is not writing. If this is the case, don’t worry….Internet Fusion can set up and maintain a professional blog for your business. We can update it bi-weekly, weekly or twice monthly. You provide the topic and information, and Internet Fusion will write the blog, present it for your approval and publish it. We also screen comments and provide analytics on the blog site.

Don’t get left out of the blogosphere. Establish your blog today with Internet Fusion.

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Editing and Print


Businesses today need professional editing services for a variety of documents, both print and web.

Sometimes an organization produces technical documentation as part of a special project, and the in-house staff does not have either the bandwidth or expertise needed to properly edit the work.

Other businesses produce documents on a regular basis that require editing before they can be finalized.

In either case, the services of a professional editor are required. The skilled staff at Internet Fusion can edit technical documents and reports, web pages, and presentations. Contact us today and let us handle all of your editorial needs.

Copywriting for Printed documents

Chances are your organization must produce countless reports, manuals and presentations each year. Think of Internet Fusion as your virtual office assistant. We are here when you need help writing and producing your printed documents.

The talented staff at Internet Fusion can pitch in and write and/or edit regularly produced materials, such as monthly newsletters. We also can help out with the production of special publications, such as manuals. Our background in Information Technology (IT) qualifies us to assist with a variety of technical writing assignments. Our training in marketing equips us to lend a hand to help with your efforts to produce marketing materials.

Contact Internet Fusion today and let us assist with the writing and production of your printed publications.

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