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About Play Dates with Zoie

Zoie is the boss!About Charlyn Harrison: 

Charlyn is   a registered nurse who, after over 30 years in nursing, is now pursuing her love of dogs, with Play Dates With Zoie.

Charlyn says,
“My whole life, dogs have been in my life and always in my heart. My current dogs are Zoie, my Schnoodle; and Shelby, my black lab mix. I have fostered many dogs over the years through the Hanover Humane Society, and volunteered with the Richmond SPCA's Green Team. I have a lifetime of experience gained through caring for my dogs and pet sitting for my friends' dogs. I especially love stimulating their minds though positive training whether it is with teaching simple tricks or fun agility. When dogs are playing they are learning.”

Tail Wag!Charlyn Harrison, Owner
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